Why use social media traffic?

> high-engagement rate

> very targeted

> high-volume yet high-quality

Broad range of prospects

Different platforms attract different types of people giving you a wide range of audience types.

Quality Assurance

We will only send your ad to an audience which we, ourselves, have tested.

Super Easy

Just add the link or URL you want to promote and an e-mail address so we can contact you and we’ll take care of the rest. 


How long is the processing time?

It depends on the current queue but won’t exceed 24 hours. Sometimes, it’s even almost immediate.

What types of sites do you allow?

Anything legal and non-harmful.

How do you place ads?

We post them on on our pages/accounts that are most suited to the type of service or product being promoted. We’re involved in almost all niches too so we know which ad to put where for maximum exposure and effectiveness.


Your Ad Displayed To…

(niche: biz opp, MM online, etc.)

100k Instagram followers

300k Facebook fans

300k Twitter followers

+ 7 other social networks

Only $14.99

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Email Address


Your Ad Displayed To…

(niche: biz opp, MM online, etc.)

200k Instagram Followers | 500k Facebook Fans

500k Twitter Followers

Plus: Traffic from Youtube, Reddit, Pinterest

and 5 other proprietary sources

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Target Link/URL
Email Address

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